About The Blue Daze

The Blue Daze plant, or Dwarf Morning Glory, is scientifically known as the Evolvulus glomeratus. Hailing from the beautiful country of Brazil, the Blue Daze is a common ground cover plant. This blue ground cover does well along a flowerbed in yards from Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, and Naples. 

Preferring a solid dose of full sun, the Dwarf Morning Glory plant will still enjoy a bit of afternoon shade. Its gorgeous blue flowers will likely close up at night and during cloudy days, but never fear, they will be back as soon as the sun starts shining again. The blue petals hover just above the small, oval-shaped, fuzzy leaves pleasant to the touch. 

Not growing higher than 9 – 18 inches, this beautiful flowering plant spreads out rather far in a flowerbed and over the edges of a container. Many people enjoy the fact that it can intertwine with other flowering plants to create a unique landscape that can be enjoyed year-round. If you love the color of this ground cover, check out the Blue Plumbago for different applications. 

Blue Daze Care

It is important to note that the Blue Daze flower enjoys moist, but not overly wet, soil. Wet “feet” will likely result in a fungus that could harm the beauty and liveliness of the plant. Ensure that the location of your new Dwarf Morning Glory is a well-drained spot with plenty of room for growth. Fortunately, for us in Southwest Florida, the Dwarf Morning Glory flowering plant will do well in even sandy soil and will tolerate salty conditions. Its hardiness makes it the perfect flower if you live in a coastal area. 

We know you will enjoy this unique and gorgeous flowering plant, so pick some up today!

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