The 6 Crucial Elements of Landscape Design & Installation that we work on:

A landscape design that is aesthetically pleasing combines six essential elements: line, form, texture, colour, and scale. This harmonious arrangement of design elements is pleasing to the eye and adds balance to the landscape.

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While all aspects of gardening are significant, color is the most important. And we accomplish this by incorporating colorful flowering plants, shrubs, and fruit trees into the landscape design.

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By incorporating diverse softscapes and hardscapes elements, such as flower beds, paths, patio perimeters, hedges, and arbors, we aim to create a style that complements the surrounding environment.

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The texture is crucial in every excellent design. The greatest method to achieve this objective is using plants, as their leaves, bark, blooms, and branches all give instant texture.

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Incorporating a gradual change between one area and another into your landscape design is an illustration of Transition. It can also be done by arranging design elements, varying in texture, size and quality.


Scale is one of the most difficult aspects of landscape design. We strike a balance between the size of your garden elements and the size of your home, as well as the dwellings and public spaces surrounding your property.

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Contrast is a way to highlight some specific elements in your landscape design. A combination of contrasting colors, textures, plant sizes, and leaf structures can be used to create a look that pops up.

Through our knowledge and years of experience, we at JMC Landscaping have a comprehensive understanding of key design and implementation features.

Choose from a wide range of products that JMC offers

At JMC landscaping and nursery, we offer high-quality flowering plants, shrubs, palm trees, shade trees, and fruit trees at reasonable prices. You may order them or visit our home-owned nursery in Pine land and choose the plants of your choice. We are insured and licensed to sell and install these trees in Florida. Our team will visit your place to deliver or install the plants.

Landscape installation for privacy

If you are living in a densely populated area, privacy may be a major concern while designing a landscape. No one likes that their neighbors scrutinize them during a pool party or relaxing time. Therefore, there is a need to create privacy between garden areas including a deck, patio, or hot tub.

Living in Southwest Florida has blessed its residents with a climate wherein a lot of different vegetation can thrive all year round. Rather than having expensive privacy fences installed, consider hiring JMC Landscaping to install plants or trees that will serve as a natural privacy buffer. Plants like Areca palms, Clusia, and Cocoplum would make attractive and effective privacy screens.

Areca Palm is considered one of the most sought-after screening palms for both residential and commercial landscapes. It is also called a butterfly palm due to its full and dense fronds. It is a favorite palm for creating a privacy shield around the garden and also be used as a garden backdrop and accent.

Aside from Areca, Clusia, and Cocoplum, the following are also great natural privacy screen options that don’t need a lot of maintenance and can thrive well in Florida’s conditions.

Plants For Privacy

Things to consider for landscape installations
  • The first thing to consider is how the process goes: Our expert team members will plan the outline first by understanding your vision, and when the plan aligns with your vision, the landscape installation can begin.
  • Plants must be placed in a way that every plant can get the required roam to thrive. It should be an addition to the beauty of your house.
  • The design and plants must be selected according to the people who are going to use them most. It must also have a sitting area for small gatherings.
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JMC Landscaping for your Landscape Installation

Why choose JMC Landscaping for your landscape installation?

At JMC, we have a crew of highly experienced and professional landscapers. From creating a design to installing plants, they will provide high-quality work with full customer satisfaction. We provide:

  • A complete landscape makeover
  • An imperishable space that thrives year-round, even in winter
  • A sustainable and efficient surrounding requiring low-maintenance
  • Land enhancement
  • Creates a perfect backdrop accent or centerpiece

Areas We Serve

Join us, and let’s work together to bring your landscaping vision to life. We offer services in these locations.

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