Description of Royal Palm Tree

Arguably the most recognizable and iconic palm trees in all of Southwest Florida, the Royal palm, or Roystonea Regia, is a massive and beautiful tree that will instantly upgrade your yard or landscaping project. Seen all over our area, including Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples, the Royal palm has a uniquely bright green crown that sways in the wind.

A moderate grower, the Royal palm can reach heights of 70 feet under the right conditions. Preferring full sun, it will do well in partial sunny conditions as well. When first planted, make sure to water it every day and once it becomes fully established, the Royal will become moderately drought tolerant, which is great during our drier Winter months. To ensure its health and color, you will want to fertilize the Royal with a granular palm fertilizer three times a year, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The Royal Palm Tree Is Self Cleaning

The Roystonea regia boasts a smooth gray trunk that is pleasant to the touch. The Royal palm is also a low-maintenance tree that is naturally self-cleaning. Just whisk the fallen fronds to the curb and your job is done!

Oftentimes lining streets and highways across Florida, the Royal will also give your long driveway a stately, elegant look if lined and spaced 8 to 10 feet apart. The Royal palm will look great as a standalone tree or grouped together with two or three other Royals. This would be ideal for circular driveways or for a large landscaping project. If you have a taller house and are looking for something to accent it, look no further. The Royal will be the perfect accent to your two or three story home.

If you love the look of this beautiful palm tree, check out the King Alexander Palm Tree for similar applications.

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