J.M.C services residential and commercial properties alike, including office buildings, retail centers and home owners associations. We offer competitive pricing, a highly trained and educated team, and a real passion for sustainable Southwest Florida landscaping.

At our nursery, we have a wide selection of tropical plants and palm trees of all sizes, but when it comes to the big ones, let us do the heavy work for you. If you can’t fit it in your pick up, we deliver and install!

Garden Center

We have a wide variety of premium plant material ranging from many types of the most common plants to gorgeous specimens of plants, palms, and trees. We are open to the public, come and see!

Tractor Work

We offer a wide array of backhoe and excavation services. Small acreage tractor work, lot & property clean up, lot grading, water drainage, ditch digging & back fill. Driveway leveling & prep.


We can supply water-efficient irrigation systems that will save you money and that will ensure that your trees and shrubs survive our dry season.


Our plants need nutrients, and we can help you understand what fertilizer works best for your landscape. Palm trees nutritional deficiencies are easily prevented by following a yearly fertilization.

Tree Removal

We prefer to plant beautiful trees and maintain the health and beauty of existing ones. However, circumstances sometimes call for a tree to be taken down. Call us for a free estimate.


Call us for a free estimate for all your sod needs. Whether you just need a pallet, or you need to renovate your whole yard, we can help you decide which sod type will do best in your property.


Whether you want brick, tile, natural stone, or basic pavers, we will make sure we
understand your vision then design and build the project to your exact specifications.