About The Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a genus of vines, bushes, and thorny ornamental vines belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family. It is often called a ‘paper flower” due to its thin paper-like bracts. The tropical evergreen plant is native to eastern South America, Brazil, west Peru, and southern Argentina. It is a popular choice as an ornamental plant in landscaping projects.


Bougainvillea is the fastest-growing plant and can grow up to 39 feet tall by taking support from other plants with their spiky thorns. The flowers are generally white but can vary in colors including red, purple, pink, magenta, or orange. The light green leaves are alternate, simple, and ovate-acuminate. These leaves modify as a bract that hides the real bougainvillea’s flower.

Growing Conditions and Care

Bougainvillea must be grown in well-drained soil with a neutral pH between 6.5 to 7.5. The plant can’t tolerate soggy soil and can get root-rot in heavy soil. Also, it requires full sun to grow well.

The plant doesn’t require a lot of water. Water a newly planted bush frequently to keep the soil moist. Once the plant is established, it is enough to maintain the required moisture.

Bougainvilleas are tough plants and do not need to be fertilized most often. But, feeding the soil with compost once a year promotes growth and blooming. Use palm and hibiscus food to fertilize to get better results.

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