Have Fun and Learn at JMC Landscaping's Garden Center

At JMC’s Garden Center, we have the right plant and trees to help you achieve your unique goals for your landscape. Our garden center in Pine Island has some of the most diverse and premium range of plant materials, including gorgeous specimens of tropicals, shade trees, and hardy palms.

Our friendly, bi-lingual family team will help you choose the right plants and design the perfect look for your outdoor space.

In addition, our Garden Center offers our visitors the opportunity to have fun and learn about plants, trees, and flowers in a serene and beautiful environment. During your visit to our Garden Center, you can browse our selection of palm trees, tropical and perennial plants, soils, fertilizers, and outdoor living essentials.

Whether you’re sourcing plants and trees for your landscape or you want to appreciate the beauty of horticulture, JMC’s Garden Center is the ideal place to turn to. We are open to the retail public, and we also do wholesale. You are certain to get the best deals on plants and trees for your landscaping project from JMC Landscaping.

JMC Landscaping's Garden Center and Plant Nursery

What to Consider When Choosing Plants and Trees for Your Landscape

Here are some things to consider:
Trees, plants, and shrubs help achieve lush green foliage in summer, beautiful spring blooms, and a rainbow of colorful displays in fall. However, this will only be possible if you choose the right plants for your landscape.

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USDA Hardiness Zone to determine whether the plant will survive during the winter season.

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Inventory light – full sun, full shade, or partial shade. Must have proper sunlight.

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The soil type of your landscape or yard. The soil must be tested for essential nutrients.

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Leaf and flower color and texture and how it will blend with your existing landscape

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Decide the budget to spend on landscape and discuss with the landscaper before starting.

Our landscaping experts will be available to discuss your needs, review your options, and recommend the ideal plants and trees for your landscape.

Benefits of Plants and Trees in Your Landscape | JMC Landscaping

Benefits of Plants and Trees in Your Landscape

Here are some benefits of adding plants, trees, and shrubs to your landscape:

  • To beautify your landscape and outdoor spaces
  • For providing shade, and privacy, and to make the outdoor space more comfortable
  • To improve the air quality in your outdoor space by filtering dust and pollutants
  • To improve the value and look of your property
  • Planting trees can help reduce the stress levels of residents
  • Trees provide a canopy and wildlife habitat for birds and other animals

In addition, planting trees can help reduce the number of stormwater runoffs. Thus, reducing water pollution, erosion, as well as the effects of flooding.

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