We prefer to plant beautiful trees and maintain the health and beauty of existing ones. However, circumstances sometimes call for a tree to be taken down. It may be any diseased or damaged tree hazardous to surrounding areas. There may many other reasons behind this. There are several methods that can be used to remove unwanted or hazardous trees.

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Possible reasons for tree removal

  • Dying or dead tree risking vegetation around it
  • Structurally unstable tree
  • Not compatible with the specific landscape design
  • Overlapping or dominating the growth of other plants
  • It made the residential property crowded and occupied

At JMC Landscaping, we are committed to providing high-quality tree-removal services. From the inspection of your location to clearing the area after removal, all the work will be done professionally with proper care.

Steps involved in the process

After carefully determining the need for tree removal, consider the following steps for successful removal.

1. Consult & plan well

Tree Removal is a hectic task that needs to be done very carefully. The first major task in the process is to hire a professional tree removal services company. At JMC Landscaping, we have years of experience in providing high-class tree removal and landscaping services. We will consider all the facts and obstacles included in the process, before putting the actual task into action.

After going through the client’s preferences and project size, we will provide you with the total cost to incur on the complete project. Clients can also ask all their queries at this step. Finally, we will start with the process and start clearing the space around the location.

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2. Clear the area and begin pruning

The next step is to clean up the area around the tree. The falling tree may or may not fall in the same direction as decided. Therefore, the surrounding area must be cleaned and free. As you have hired JMC Landscaping, we will consider all the facts to ensure safety.

Removing a full tree is a difficult and hazardous task. The long and lower branches will create difficulty for workers in installing heavy-duty equipment and chainsaws. Therefore, the work will be started by removing all these long branches carefully.

3. Decide on the removal technique

Once the lower branches are removed, it’s time to make a felling cut. Hydraulic shears or chainsaws will be used for this purpose. The technique will be decided according to location and area. The ideal direction for falling will be decided and an undercut will be made on the falling direction. Our team of experts will ensure amateur removal with safety.

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4. Cleaning the area

Besides tree removal, cleaning the area of waste and debris is also a messy task. At JMC Landscaping, we dispose of all the remaining waste including leaves, branches, and tree trunks. The large sections will be cut off into smaller pieces to carry and lift them easily.

A final inspection will be performed by us to check if there is any remaining green waste. Finally! An open space is ready, free from an old-trunked tree.

Turn to Us for Professional Tree Removal Services

For your professional tree removal service, reach out to us at JMC Landscaping. We work with a team of qualified and experienced experts who can handle inspection, pruning, cutting, and cleaning efficiently. We deliver excellent results and keep our client’s satisfied. Contact us today to get started. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and outstanding services that will surpass your expectations.

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