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We are an established plant nursery and farm in Southwest Florida with a vision to create beautiful, healthy, and well-planned landscapes through elegant yet modern landscape design and high-quality products covering both residential and commercial sectors.

Planning & Designing

Before starting any project, we’ll spend time listening to your landscape needs, wants, hopes, and dreams. Once we have a sense of your vision, we’ll pair that with our innovative landscape design techniques and talk through all the possibilities for your space.

Landscaping Planning & Landscaping Designing | JMC Landscaping

Landscape Installation

JMC Landscaping can help you revive your existing landscape or completely transform your property. Put our experienced team to work on your landscaping project to create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Landscape Installation Services Florida | JMC Landscaping


Scheduled maintenance will keep the your landscape project amazing for years to come. JMC Landscaping can help you maintain your flower beds, shrubs, trees, palm trees and prepare for hurricane season.

Landscaping Maintenance Services in Florida | JMC Landscaping
MC Landscaping’s Garden Center. | Palm Tree Nursery | Flowering Plant

All You Need For A Lush Outdoor Space

Whether you’re enhancing your yard with palm trees or flowers, planting colorful flowering shrubs or fruits plants to your space, you’ll find how-to support for your outdoor projects at JMC Landscaping’s Garden Center.

Why consider us?

  • We forever put quality first
  • Customer fulfillment is absolute
  • Speedy and quality work

Nursery Products

Foxtail Palm Tree Florida | JMC Landscaping
Coconut Palm Tree in Florida | JMC Landscaping
Royal Palm Tree in Florida | JMC Landscaping
Adonidia Palm Tree in Florida | JMC Landscaping
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eureka lemon tree in Florida | Orange citrus
Grapefruit Fruit Trees in Florida | Tropical Fruit Trees FL
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Manogo Tree in Florida | Tropical Fruit Tree FL
magnolia shade trees in Florida | white magnolia tree fl
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Milkweed Flowering Plant Florida | Milkweed plant FL
Shade Plants in Florida | Bromeliad Plant in Florida

Choose what you need help with

The Best Landscapers in Florida | JMC Landscaping

The Best Landscapers in Florida

We have served thousands of customers, and each of them has unique needs. However, our creative team overcame all obstacles by employing effective tactics, and the resulting landscape exceeded all expectations every time.

Why JMC Landscaping categorized as the best nursery in Florida?

  • We are trained, certified & best when it comes to landscaping around palm trees
  • Our experience & portfolio says it all
  • Great reputation in the areas we serve – Read customer reviews
  • We make your goals our own
  • We are creative, courteous, and above all, we are good communicators
  • We bring your vision to life and tell you how to take care of it from every aspectContact us now and know more about how we work and can we make your landscape look like you always dreamt about.

We can make your landscape happier!

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+ Christmas palm tree adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations.

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