Description of Pygmy Date Palm Tree

A smart choice for the family yard, the Dwarf Pygmy Date palm, or Roebelenii, boasts an instantly recognizable beauty that is unique among palms in Southwest Florida. Commonly found in yards in Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples, this palm has a lot of landscaping potential.

Landscapers and homeowners alike enjoy the Pygmy Date for its short stature and wide, feathered expanse. The Pygmy Date Palm Tree can be planted as a single trunk and will look great or be planted with one or two other trunks to form a cluster and dense privacy screen. The most common form of the Pygmy Date Palm is a triple trunk. Its thin, feathery fronds create a gorgeous, low canopy that requires very little maintenance.

The Pygmy Date Palm Tree is Perfect For Small Yards

The Roebelenii  Palm Tree will look great next to the pool, as a centerpiece in your ornamental garden, or in the center of a circular driveway. Really, it will look great anywhere you put it.

This pest-resistant palm tolerates drought conditions once it is established. It will grow well in full sun and partial sun, making it a great choice for any part of your yard or other landscaping projects. We recommend feeding this little palm twice a year to ensure its maximum potential.

Some people like to attach orchids or air plants to the Roebelenii Palm because of its naturally fibrous trunk. This makes the Pygmy Date a versatile and useful choice we know you will love!

If you love the look of this beautiful palm tree, check out the Adonidia Palm Tree for similar applications.

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