About The Orange Plant

Orange citrus is a commonly cultivated fruit for its juice and pulp. The orange is said to be originated from Southern China, Myanmar, and Northeast India. It is also known as sweet oranges or by the scientific name Citrus x sinesis. Along with juice, wood, leaves, and blossoms of the plant are used for different purposes. It is also a state tree of Florida.

Popular Varieties

There are many different varieties of oranges are found around the world. Among all the available varieties, the most popular varieties in south Florida are mentioned below.


Valencia orange is a gift for summer. It is only orange fruit to come in summer. This fruit is majorly cultivated for orange juice production. The tree performs its best in sandy, highly-drained soil. It also prefers the full sun to thrive. As the valencia orange tree is heat-loving, it cannot survive in temperatures below 50 degrees for a long time. It should be watered regularly in hot areas. Also, providing the tree with some shade in scorching summer is important.


Navel oranges are the variety of oranges that comes in winter. The fruits are seedless and sweet. They grow on evergreen trees that can reach 12 to 15 ft in height. The tree is grown in sandy and well-drained soil. It performs best in full sunlight. It must be grown in a way that it gets extra protection from cold and wind. Low temperatures can damage the produce. In summer, the fruits are prone to sunburn. Therefore, it is necessary to water the navel orange tree regularly during summer. If you are growing a tree in a pot, it may require water more than that grown outside. Feed the plant well from March to August.

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