About The Bromeliad

The bromeliads belong to the family of Bromeliaceae, naive to the tropical regions in America. However, these plants are adapted to various climate conditions. There are almost 75 genera and around 3590 known species of bromeliads are there. The major species are found in American subtropics and tropical West Africa. These plants naturally grow on the barks of other plants rather than the ground.


The bromeliads have an unusual appearance making them different from other plants. The flower on the plant appears when it is near to end of its life. The foliage varies in shape from plant to plant. The sword-shaped or scoop-like leaves are maroon in color with shades of green to gold. The tightly overlapping leaves are able to store water in them. Most bromeliads are epiphytic and grow on the trunks of other plants. Their seeds contain just one leaf.

Growing Conditions and Care

Bromeliads are easily available in nurseries or garden centers. To grow them indoors, prefer fast-draining potting soil that can hold moisture but drains well. They prefer moist soil, not soggy one. The plant requires medium to bright light to grow well. However, the requirement for sunlight varies from genus to genus.

Most bromeliads are tolerant to drought conditions. For indoor plants, it is not necessary to keep the pot filled with water every time. The plant should not rest in standing water for long to avoid root rot. The hair-like growths protect the plant from harsh sunlight and absorb moisture even in dry climates. The plant needs to be watered once or twice a week to maintain moisture.

The unique appearance of the plant would seem to indicate high maintenance but it is not so. It bears thick foliage enabling it to grow in any condition. Bromeliads are less prone to diseases and pests. However, fertilizing it once in two months will maintain nutrients.

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