Known by its scientific name, Archontophoenix alexandrae, the Alexander palm is a beautiful and versatile landscaping tree that thrives in South Florida. As a premier full service landscape contractor serving in Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, and all of Southwest Florida, JMC Landscaping receives frequent requests to incorporate Alexander palms into residential and commercial properties.

If you’re considering an Alexander palm for your landscape, keep reading to learn what makes this graceful tree an exceptional choice for homes and businesses across South Florida.

Growing Conditions for Alexander Palms

Growing Conditions for Alexander Palms

Alexander palms flourish across central and south Florida, thanks to the subtropical climate and sandy soil. These palms reach mature heights of 20 to 25 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide. Under optimal conditions, Alexander palms grow up to 3 feet per year.

Native to Australia, these palms tolerate cold better than other popular palms in the region. Mature Alexander palms can withstand brief temperature drops to 26°F. Consistent moisture is key, especially when palms are young. Alexander palms do best with regular irrigation in well-drained soil.

Once established, Alexander palms are highly drought tolerant and need only occasional watering. The trees prefer full sun exposure but also grow well in areas with partial shade. Given the proper care and growing conditions, Alexander palms live 40 years or longer.

Edible Fruits and Fronds

In addition to the beautiful cascading fronds, Alexander palms produce light red fruits that attract birds and wildlife. Aboriginal communities in Australia have eaten cooked Alexander palm fruits for centuries. Even the growing tips of young fronds are edible.

As a landscape contractor, JMC Landscaping incorporates Alexander palms to enhance curb appeal while also creating backyard habitats for local fauna. The arching green leaves provide shelter and nesting sites for birds.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

For homeowners, an enduring benefit of Alexander palm trees is the relatively low maintenance once trees become established. JMC Landscaping recommends applying a slow-release palm fertilizer two to three times per year. Prune yellowed, damaged, or dead fronds as needed to keep trees looking healthy.

Alexander palms require no bracing or pruning to develop strong structures. These hardy palms stand up to high winds and tropical weather better than other species like Queen palms. JMC Landscaping frequently installs single specimen Alexander palms or incorporates groups of multiple trees for visually striking property designs.

Pet and Family Friendly Choice

For households with children or dogs, Alexander palms satisfy safety needs, as the tree doesn’t produce toxic berries or foliage. Dogs often eat landscaping plants, leading to emergency vet visits. With Alexander palms, pet parents can rest easier. JMC Landscaping considers Alexander palms a top recommendation for family friendly and pet safe landscapes.

Let JMC Landscaping Incorporate Alexander Palms for You

As experienced landscape designers and contractors, JMC Landscaping helps clients select ideal palms, trees, plants, and accessories to match individual preferences while also meeting practical needs related to appearance, budget, maintenance and durability.

To request a custom landscape consultation for your property, contact JMC Landscaping today online or call (239) 558-5943. From small backyard patios to comprehensive designs encompassing entire commercial complexes, we create stunning, sustainable landscapes that enhance the South Florida lifestyle.