About The Magnolia tree

Magnolia is a large genus of flowering plants in the Magnoliaceae family. It is named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol. The tee is native to the southeastern United States. These deciduous trees are mostly found in every region of the United States. This tree is better known as an ornamental tree in landscaping projects.


Bottle Brush is an evergreen shrub or tree with an upward growth habit. It can attain heights of up to 20 feet in favorable conditions. They have small green leaves and red flower spikes accentuated with bright, yellow pollen. The flowers are arranged in spikes of various shades of red, and yellow with yellow stamen. Along with beautiful flowers, the tree also produces tiny fruits containing hundreds of seeds inside. When the fruit ripens, these seeds are released from the shell.

Growing Conditions and Care

The evergreen magnolias must be grown in early spring whereas the deciduous plants are grown in autumn. It prefers well-drained soil rich in organic matter. The tree can tolerate clay, sandy, or loamy soil. Plant them in a location that receives full sun. It can also tolerate partial shade. Protect the tree from frost as it can damage the flowers.

Most varieties of Magnolia can tolerate hot summers and moderate drought. However, the trees in the initial state are needed to be watered regularly till they become fully established. Don’t let water stand around roots as it may result in root rot.

Pruning is not required to be done often. However, it is good to remove diseased, broken branches after flowering. If pruning is done harshly, the tree may seize the flowering further. Nourish the tree with plenty of organic matter during plantation and don’t let it dry in summer.

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