About The Bottle Brush

Bottle Bush/ Callistemon is a genus of shrubs belonging to the Myrtaceae family. It is native to Australia but widely cultivated in many other locations. The Bottle Brush is named so because of its cylindrical and brush-like flowers similar to a bottle brush. It is used in ornamental landscaping around the world. The flowers on the tree are best to attract bees and butterflies to your home garden.


Bottle Brush is an evergreen shrub or tree with an upward growth habit. It can attain heights of up to 20 feet in favorable conditions. They have small green leaves and red flower spikes accentuated with bright, yellow pollen. The flowers are arranged in spikes of various shades of red, and yellow with yellow stamen. Along with beautiful flowers, the tree also produces tiny fruits containing hundreds of seeds inside. When the fruit ripens, these seeds are released.

Growing Conditions and Care

A bottle brush can be grown both in outdoor spaces and in containers as a stand-alone tree. The tree requires well-drained moist soil with a little amount of sand added to it. The tree thrives in full sun. Therefore, at least direct sunlight of six hours is needed a day.

The tree does not require water more often. It is enough to water the plant twice a week to grow well. Overwatering can result in root rot. Treat your plant with a balanced fertilizer once it grows a strong root system. For better results, fertilize the plant at least once a month. One of the best advantages of growing Bottle Brush is that it does not experience any disease once established. Cut down the plants to an appropriate size if grown indoors.

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