About The Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle is a genus of deciduous and evergreen trees belonging to the Lythraceae family. It is native to southeast Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and northern Australia. These trees are famous for their long-lasting colorful flowers that are cultivated for commercial purposes. In Landscaping projects, they are used as ornamental trees. The glossy and light green leaves turn yellow in the fall.


Crepe Myrtle is a showy tree popular for its summer flowers, transitional color, attractive barks, and evergreen foliage. The tree bears long-lasting and dark-colored flowers in summer. The color varies from deep purple to red. The trees exist in single and multi-trunk specimens.

Growing Conditions and Care

Crepe Myrtle is generally considered a low-maintenance tree. It is highly tolerant to drought and pollutants. A well-drained and partly acidic soil is preferred to grow a Myrtle. The roots of the tree are packed with soil once planted. Placing trees at a particular distance is essential for proper growth. Like other varieties of the family, these trees also thrive in full sun. Choose a location that receives maximum sunlight, at least six hours a day. Inappropriate sunlight or shade can result in no to less blooming.

Crepe Myrtle needs regular watering during the initial period of its growth. Once the tree becomes established with strong roots, it can even tolerate drought. However, you can water it once or twice a month to ensure desired growth. Water the tree at least once a week to avoid drying out of the soil and leaves due to high temperatures in dry locations.

The branches of Crepe Myrtle do not require to be pruned often. However, it is important to protect the roots and stems from frost in winter. In the early spring, fertilize the tree with a slow-release fertilizer. It is enough to provide fertilizer once a year.

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