Description of Sylvester Palm Tree

The Phoenix Sylvestris, also known as the Sylvester or Silver Date Palm, is one of the more classy palm trees around. A favorite among landscapers who prefer a more compact, yet robust tree that has a similar look to the larger Canary Date Palm, the Sylvester looks great as a standalone or as an accent tree. Southwest Florida loves the Silver Date Palm, as you can probably tell by seeing them everywhere, including Cape Coral, Pine Island, Naples, and Fort Myers.

This hardy palm tree is a relatively low maintenance palm due to its slow growth rate. It normally grows from 1 to 3 feet per year, reaching a maximum height of 40 feet. When the fronds eventually due need trimming, you will be able to tell it is time by seeing it turn brown.

Perfect As A Center Piece

The Silver Date Palm would look great lining a long driveway, or as a centerpiece to a large garden area. We suggest planting this beauty at least 5 feet from your home or any structure due to its width, but don’t worry, it doesn’t get as wide as the Canary Date Palm so it is perfect for the smaller landscaping job or more compact yard.

For Sylvestris palms, we can also do the “diamond cut” which makes the tree look so spectacular. This is man-made look gives the palm a more polished and sleek look. If the homeowner wishes to continue with this pattern, it is easy to do. Alternatively, it is not necessary as it will not affect the growth of the palm.

We recommend fertilizing the Silver Date Palm with a palm tree fertilizer about three times a year. Once the palm becomes established, it becomes moderately drought tolerant.

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