Description of Canary Island Date Palm Tree

The Canary Palm Tree, or Canary Island Date Palm Tree, is an elegant and formal palm that is very popular in Southwest Florida, particularly Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, and Naples. Many landscapers utilize Pine Island Palm Tree in their landscaping projects for residential and commercial purposes. This palm, also known as the Phoenix canariensis, is perfect for standalone installation. Many people love to use it as a beautiful accent for the home yard in its early stages of life.

This palm is a slow grower and can reach heights of 40 feet or more. The width of the Canary Palm Tree can get to an impressive 30 to 40 feet. Although that may seem intimidating, this palm is a very slow grower and does not get to a height of 10 feet for approximately 15 years.

The Pineapple Palm Tree is perfect for Southwest Florida because it remains hardy in nearly all conditions that our climate has to offer.  The Phoenix canariensis will continue to show off its beauty if it is fed properly with regular fertilizing. But do not worry if you forget, the Canary Island Date Palm Tree bounces back very quickly.

Everybody loves the Pineapple Palm Tree

One of the unique features of the Canary Palm is its base which can be trimmed to make it look like a large pineapple. Because of this, the palm is sometimes known as the Pineapple Palm Tree. However, it does not occur naturally but can be trimmed by most landscapers.

Even though the Pineapple Palm Tree is hardy, it does not like low-drainage areas. When planting this palm, make sure the location does not pool water during our rainy season. Once the Canary Palm Tree is established, it is very drought tolerant and should not experience any drought-related issues during our typically dry winters.

If you love the look of this beautiful palm tree, check out the Sylvester Palm Tree for similar applications.

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