About the plant

Calathea is a tropical plant belonging to the family Marantaceae. The plant is also known as the prayer plant. There are almost 60 known species of the genus available for cultivation. This plant is native to tropical America and is a popular species as a pot plant. This plant is an ideal choice for commercial and residential properties. Besides planting these trees in the landscape to enhance its beauty, his palm is also used for handicrafts and food wrapping.


Calathea often bears large and beautifully patterned leaves. The leaves appear in various beautiful colors such as red, pink, white, and orange. The bottom side of most leaves is in a purple shade. Most plants of this family move their leaves upwards at night and downwards during the day. The flowers are purple, yellow, and white which bloom during summer.

Growing Conditions and Care

Calathea prefers indirect sunlight and thrives well in places with low light. It requires well-draining potting soil or mix. The soil must contain an appropriate composition of necessary nutrients. It is very important to keep the plant away from the direct sun. Otherwise, the excess sunlight can burn the leaves and they will lose their natural texture and color.

This plant requires an ample amount of water to thrive. Don’t forget to water regularly in summer. But, it should also be kept in mind that do not let water stand. The standing water can cause root rot.

To keep your plant shining and healthy, it is good to treat your plant with liquid and balanced fertilizer at least once a month. It is important to understand that the plant grows at less speed in winter, so avoid fertilizing it often in this season. The plant does not require any pruning. You only have to keep watch on brown leaves and remove them as soon as you notice.

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