Description of Chinese Fan Palm Tree

This stylish palm is great for just about any landscaping project. Often used as the main focus of residential landscapes, the Chinese Fan is a popular choice of palm tree for most Southwest Florida homes. Also known as the Livistona Chinensis, this palm tree can be grown indoors at the beginning stages of its life. Once transferred outdoors, this popular palm can grow upwards of 25 feet or more if planted into the ground. This palm has become a popular variety in the Southwest Florida area, including Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, Pine Island, and Bonita Springs, and does very well in our climate.

Worried about our infrequent cold snaps? Don’t be! This beautiful palm can withstand freezing temperatures for a short period of time, which is not very common with palm trees. In our typical climate, however, the Livistona Chinensis thrive when it gets plenty of sunshine. They prefer full sun. These palms can do well in outdoor pots but will grow faster and larger when transferred into the ground. It is recommended that fertilizer be used

Everybody loves the Chinese Fan Palm Tree

When the Livistona Chinensis begins to reach maturity, one of its main features, the widespread canopy, really begins to take shape. With thin, elongated fronds coming from the tips of the canopy, the Livistona Chinensis becomes one of the more unique palms in the Southwest Florida area.

The Chinese Fan Palm Tree is sold as either a single trunk or a multi-trunk. If you’re looking to use the Livistona Chinensis as a source of privacy, it is recommended that you look at multi-trunk trees. They are typically sold as a set of 3 trunks. The single trunk, however, is good for landscaping projects where you want the palm as a standalone accent.

In addition to the natural beauty of this fan palm, many people enjoy giving their palm a diamond cut throughout the trunk of the tree. The diamond cut is a unique look that gives the Livistona Chinensis an elegant look. We are able to do this for a low cost upon installation.

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