Description of Dwarf Sugar Palm Tree

The Dwarf Sugar Palm Tree also referred to as the Arenga palm, is a unique tree because of its clumping, bush-like nature. If you’re a landscaper or a homeowner looking to add a stylish privacy screen to your yard, we highly recommend the Dwarf Sugar. The Arenga engleri is used in landscaping projects all over Southwest Florida, particularly Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples.

The Dwarf Sugar can be planted 3 to 5 feet apart and the fronds will intertwine, creating a natural privacy screen that will add some tropical beauty to your yard or landscaping project. The Arenga engleri is also unique in that it can be planted close to walls and fences without causing damage. If the leaves start to get too long for your liking, you can easily trim them back. Trimming does not cause harm to the palm. The Dwarf Sugar also looks great as a standalone tree and when it reaches maturity. Their fronds look like large wings, a truly beautiful sight to see.

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Everybody loves the Dwarf Sugar Palm Tree

The Arenga engleri palm thrives in Southwest Florida due to our tropical climate. It does fairly well in drought conditions, so it will need little watering during the drier Winter months. They do not like “wet feet”, so try to make sure that the Dwarf Sugar is planted in a well-drained area. They need very little maintenance but do like the occasional fertilizing. The fertilizer will help prevent discoloration if the palm is receiving constant, direct sunlight. The Dwarf Sugar also prefers partial sun but does well in full sun, as well.

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