About The Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a citrus tree from the Rutaceae family. It tastes between sour to semi-sweet. This fruit is native to Barbados. It is an evergreen fruit plant. The fruit is better known for providing health benefits. It is a package of nutrients and lowest in calories. Regular use of grapefruit benefits the immune system, improves heart health and helps in weight loss.


Grapefruit is an evergreen plant that can grow up to 16-20 feet tall. The thin, glossy, and dark green leaves are up to 15 cm long. The plant first bears four-petaled flowers that are white in color. The yellow-orange oblate spheroid-shaped fruits have segmented and acidic flesh with a bitter taste. However, the taste depends upon the variety of the plant. Among available varieties such as white, pink, and red pulps, the redder one is the sweetest.

Growing Conditions and Care

Grapefruit can be grown in spring or fall depending on the zone. The plant thrives in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9-11 and well-drained soil. Dig a wide and deep hole to accommodate the root structure of grapefruit. If you are growing it in a container or pot, it must have drainage holes.

This plant prefers a full-sun. It must be planted in a location that gets full sun- at least six hours a day. Avoid planting a grapefruit near to building or obstructing it to let the tree mature to full length and width.

The grapefruit plant must be watered regularly during the first year. Once it becomes established, watering can be reduced to twice or thrice a week. During the summer season, trees need to be watered more, even once a day.

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