About The Jacaranda

Jacaranda is a sub-tropical tree hailing from the Bignoniaceae family. It is native to south-central South America. The tree is famous for its long-lasting and attractive violet-colored flowers. It has dense foliage which may be used as a privacy shield in landscaping projects.


Jacaranda trees can grow up to 20 m in appropriate conditions. The tree bears flowers in spring and early summer. Flowers are grouped in panicles and are up to 5 cm long. After flowers, there appear woody seed pods, containing multiple flat, winged seeds. It offers great shade with its fern-like leaves that can grow up to 20 inches in length. In favorable conditions, the tree grows at a rapid pace. However, moderate growth is achieved outside the ideal conditions.

Growing Conditions and Care

Jacaranda is an ideal tree to grow in large outdoor spaces. The tree performs well in well-drained, slightly sandy soil with an acidic pH level. It offers large and best blooming in full sun. It needs a location that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight. It can tolerate partial shade to some extent but lack of sunlight can impact the quality and amount of blooming.

Water plant once a week during the initial growth period. The best time to water the tree is when the top three or four inches of soil feels dry to the touch. The tree is moderately tolerant to doubt. However, it may need regular watering during hot summer days. They also require consistent moisture the whole year. Avoid over-watering the tree to prevent root rot and other fungal diseases.

Fertilizing Jacaranda once a year with a balanced fertilizer is enough to encourage flowering and growth. As the tree prefers heat and humidity, it is necessary to prevent it from frost. If possible move the pot indoors during winter.

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