About The Jasmine

Jasmine is a genus of shrubs and vines belonging to the Oleaceae family. It is native to tropical and warm temperate regions of Eurasia, Oceania, and Africa. Most people use it as an ornamental plant in landscaping projects. This evergreen shrub is best known for the characteristic fragrance of its flowers.


The vining varieties of Jasmine can grow up to 15 feet tall when provided with the support structure. They have larger glossy green leaves which appear in opposing or alternating arrangements. The plant bears flowers in late winter to early spring and blooms with clusters of star-like blossoms. The flowers vary in colors from pure white through pale yellow, and sometimes slightly reddish according to weather conditions. The fruits on the plants turn black when ripe.

Growing Conditions and Care

The best time to grow Jasmine is between June and November. It requires well-drained soil with a neutral pH between 6.5 to 7.5. The moderately fertile loamy soil is ideal for plants. They thrive in mild and tropical climates.

Jasmine prefers full sun to partial shade. Summer flowering jasmine performs well in the sunny area whereas winter jasmine blooms in the more shaded area. Usually, 6 hours of direct sunlight and 2-4 hours of partial shade are ideal for the better growth of the plant.

When the plant bears flowers, it must be watered once a week. On hot summer days, you can increase the frequency to twice or thrice a week. But, the soil must let be dried out before watering again. If you have planted jasmine in a pot or container, it must be watered multiple times a week.

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