About The Juniper Ground Cover

The Juniper, or Juniperus spp., might be one of the hardest and easiest to manage bush in Southwest Florida. This plant is a favorite among local landscapers. You can find this evergreen juniper bush in various landscaping projects in Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, and Naples. A highly sought-after shrub, this juniper will add a uniform, yet unique touch to your yard.

Growing no higher than 2-3 feet tall and having a slower growth rate, the Juniper gives you that “from up North” feeling of comfort. It even has that pine tree scent you yearn for around the holiday season but this beautiful evergreen ground cover grows year round!

Landscape Use And Care For The Juniper

The Juniper will do well in just about any soil conditions you can throw at it. It does well in garden beds, and rock beds, and is highly drought tolerant. Just make sure that the soil drains well, as with most other plants. This prefers to soak up the sun so make sure it is planted in a location where it can get up to 8 hours of sunlight. Live in a coastal area? Don’t worry, this juniper is also salt tolerant.

The Juniper bush is highly requested for ground cover as it can be mass-planted to cover as much ground as you want. Also, if you need a particular area of your yard’s soil to keep from eroding, this evergreen perennial will provide excellent erosion control. Additionally, this evergreen is highly resistant to pests and deer.

Although this is a slow-growing shrub, we recommend clipping the stems rather than cutting across the leaves.

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