About The Tree

Lemon is an evergreen tree belonging to the flowering plant family Rutaceae. It is native to Asia and is mostly found in Northeast India, China, or Northern Myanmar. The plant is famous for its juice, which is used both for cooking and culinary purposes. Fruit contains 5% to 6% citric acid with a pH of around 2.2.

Popular Varieties

There are several different varieties of Lemon are available. Among them, Meyer and Eureka trees are the most popular varieties in south Florida.


This variety of Lemon trees is native to China, where it is commonly grown in garden pots as an ornamental tree. The fruits are rounded-shape with smoother, thin, deep yellow to orange skin. The dark yellow pulp of the fruit is moderately acidic. This variety of lemons is a favorite for adding raw segments to salads and desserts.

The plant not only provides juicy fruits. But, its fragrant flowers and incredibly fragrant blossoms and thick, shiny, and dark-green foliage is an additional charm of this tree. The plant thrives in sandy, well-drained soil and requires full sun.


Eureka is a year-round growing plant and offers fruit abundantly. Due to its ability to provide fruit throughout the year, it is also called Four Seasons. It is an easy-to-grow tree for domestic growers. The foliage of the tree is in the bronze shade. The tree bears fragrant flowers with beautiful waxy petals. The bright yellow fruits are pleasantly fragrant, thick-skinned, and have short necks with conspicuous nipples.

In favorable conditions, the tree can grow up to 20 ft. tall and 6 m wide. The plant thrives in full sun and sandy as well as well-drained soil. The plant can also tolerate partial shade. Water plants regularly but do not allow water to stand in the pot.

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