About The Live Oak

Live Oak is a species of evergreen tree native to the Southeastern United States. It belongs to the Fagaceae family. Oaks exist in about 600 different species around the world. Among them, more than 90 types of oaks are available in North America. It is a widespread and huge tree that can thrive in your location for generations.


Live Oak is a giant tree with a height of up to 80 ft. and may be widespread in 60-100 ft. The evergreen foliage is perfect for shade and privacy. The long and thick leaves appear on the tree until spring.

Growing Conditions and Care

Live Oak is a huge and widespread tree. You must be very careful about the location while choosing it for an oak. As the foliage covers a large area, other plants under it may get damaged or harmed. It may also harm the infrastructure around it. These are highly adaptable to the surroundings and can survive in any soil with high alkalinity and wetness.

The oak prefers a sunny location with at least six hours of direct sunlight to thrive. However, it can also bear some partial shade and can survive in cold areas also. While installing an oak, maintain a proper distance between two trees and grow them away from buildings that can obstruct the light.

An established does not require to be watered regularly as the hardy tree is highly resistant to drought. Watering the tree once a month is enough to keep the soil moist. You may skip watering during winter. In dry or sunny locations, watering it once or twice a month will maintain its humidity and growth.

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