About The Philodendron

Philodendrons are tropical plants belonging to the family of Araceae, forming the largest genus of flowering plants in the family. It is also the second-largest member of the family. These are native to the tropical rainforests in America.

Philodendrons are available in many major species for cultivation. The most common type among them is heart-shaped philodendrons. These plants are very popular for being used as potted plants in homes and offices. Here are the important facts about this plant. Read them to know your plant well.


Philodendron appears in several different varieties. The most common among them is the climbing type. The plant bears heart-shaped leaves and deep green color forming a perfect centerpiece for a home. Many plants begin to grow as vines but later transform into epiphytes.

The foliage of the plant is usually green with some hints of red, coppery, or purplish shades. The leaves have red or white appearing vines. The fruits are white at the beginning which turns to orange when the plant matures.

Growing Conditions and Care

As we already stated, philodendrons are native to tropical rainforests. Therefore, they prefer dappled, bright, and indirect light. While growing them indoors, prefer a location near windows where the plant can receive sunlight for some hours during the day. A long time of exposure to sunlight can harm the plants by turning leaves yellow. On the other hand, the lack of sunlight may also cause harm to the plant. Therefore, it is important to provide it with a suitable amount of sunlight.

While growing the plant it is good to keep the top 2.5 inches of soil dry out between waterings. Insert the first knuckle of your index finger to check the moisture. Water the plant regularly to avoid dropping. Both under-watering and overwatering can affect the plant.

Feeding philodendrons with balanced liquid foliage houseplant fertilizer containing micro-nutrients will keep the plant healthy and safe from diseases. During spring and summer, it becomes important to water plants with fertilizer at least once a month.

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