About The Plumeria

Plumeria is a genus of deciduous plants belonging to the Apocynaceae family. The plant is also famously known by the name ‘frangipani.’ It is native to Mexico, the Caribbean, south Brazil, north Florida, and Central America. The plants are grown as cosmopolitan ornamentals in warmer regions. Florists cultivate this plant for their flowers which are used to make jewelry and decorative material. The flowers of this plant are most fragrant at night. It is also an easy-to-propagate plant. This plant is important from a religious aspect also and has been used to adorn Buddhist and Hindu temples.


In favorable conditions, the plant can grow up to 20 feet long. The widely spaced branches of the plant bear leaves and flowers at the tips. Some varieties of this plant are evergreen and thrive throughout the year whereas others go through a dormant period. The deep green and leathery leaves grow at the tips of the branches. Amid leaves, the plant blooms with clusters of five-petaled flowers which have a great scent. These flowers vary in color including white, cream, yellow, red, and pink. The scented flowers often

Growing Conditions and Care

Plumerias are very easy-to-grow plants. They can be grown whether from seeds or by taking cuttings. These plants perform their best in hot and dry locations in the presence of the full sun. The plant requires at least six hours of direct sunlight

Watering the plant at regular intervals is beneficial for better growth. It is good to water the plant when the soil feels dry. Prefer deep and infrequent watering for desirable growth. During the blooming period, watering must be increased.

Plumerias are heavy feeders. Therefore, they require to be fertilized at regular intervals to produce blooming and to maintain health. Avoid applying any fertilizer two months prior to dormancy. If you are growing it indoors, use a container that allows enough space for the development of the root ball.

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