Contrary to what most people think, landscaping is way more than planting and arranging plants in your garden. A professional landscaper not only creates an attractive landscape but also a functional and ecologically-sound outdoor space. Professional landscaping services include creating a design according to the location, selecting the right plants, and installing them as per the design.

What does a Professional Landscaper do?

Creating a Design

The work of professional landscapers starts with creating the landscape design of your dreams, along with keeping all other aspects in consideration. They will execute your ideas into a reality.

Soil Preparation

An experienced landscaper has extensive knowledge of soil types. He conducts several soil tests to check its pH and then prepares it for plantation.

Choosing Right Plants

Choosing the best landscaping plants according to the weather conditions and growing needs is a big task to be done. A landscaper will select the plants that can thrive in your location.

Proper Water Management or irrigation system installation

Providing plants with the required moisture in a water-saving way is the creativity of a landscaper. They manage the water outlets for proper use of water without any wastage.

Strategical Arrangement for Shade and Sunlight

A professional landscaper knows how to arrange trees and shrubs to provide shade in the summer and warmth in winter. Shade from trees can reduce the costs of air conditioning and protect plants that are intolerant to excessive heat.

Regular Maintenance

A Landscaper’s work does not just get completed by creating a perfect landscape. Maintenance of this landscape is also a part of his responsibility. Regular cleaning and prevention of diseases and pests are also done regularly.

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Why Hire JMC Landscaping

JMC Landscaping is a family-owned and operated nursery and landscaping company located in beautiful Pine Island, Florida. We design landscapes to meet your needs and are above your expectations. Hire our experts to enjoy excellent landscaping service in Florida.

What do we provide?

  • At our family-owned, we offer a large variety of landscaping plants in Florida. We use natural plants, such as evergreens, that are native to the area you live in, instead of synthetic, imported, non-native plants.
  • We use decorative elements, such as rocks and boulders, instead of functional ones, such as irrigation canals. These decorative elements enhance the beauty of your landscape and become a curb appeal.
  • We use sustainable techniques, such as not using chemical fertilizers and instead using a soil amendment. Our soil amendment is a green solution that is biodegradable. We use a natural fertilizer made from compost.
  • We use non-living elements, such as a wind chime, decorative boulders, and a water feature. These non-living elements serve to bring color and music to your landscape.
  • We install an irrigation system on your landscape to promote healthy plant growth and to make lawn maintenance easier.

Hiring the right professional landscaping services can be a daunting task for beginners. With over 15 years of experience, JMC Landscaping is working with real professionals who know their craft. We are here to assist you in designing, installing, and providing great landscaping plant ideas, call us today, and get a free quote!

Hiring the right professional landscaping services can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been burned before by bad service providers. With over 15 years of experience, you can be sure at JMC Landscaping that you are working with real professionals who know their craft. We are here to assist you in designing, installing, providing great landscaping ideas, call us today, and get a free quote!


Whether you want brick, tile, natural stone, or basic pavers, we will make sure we understand your vision then design and build the project to your exact specifications.


Our plants need nutrients, and we can help you understand what fertilizer works best for your landscape. Palm trees nutritional deficiencies are easily prevented by following a yearly fertilization, we can help you with that.

Tree Removal

We prefer to plant beautiful trees and maintain the health and beauty of existing ones. However, circumstances sometimes call for a tree to be taken down. Call us for a free estimate.

Check out our Dumpster Rental Services now!

If you are starting a new landscaping project or some other project for your residential area or commercial, you are going to need dumpster to check out all the waste to a suitable area.

Let’s plan your landscape together!