Professional landscaping service in Southwest Florida

Contrary to what most people think, landscaping is so much more than arranging plants or planting beautiful flowers in your yard. A professional landscaping service involves creating not just attractive, but also functional and ecologically-sound outdoor areas. A professional landscaper draws plans, carefully selects the right plants for the location, and installs structures such as walkways and outdoor accents.

What are the factors that a skilled landscaper needs to consider when planning a landscape for a particular client? Here are a few.

Follows function before form

Landscape designers usually recommend that plants be grouped into masses in order to unify plant beds. Not only is this technique visually appealing, it also has environmental benefits. For example, groups of trees provide greater atmospheric cooling than a single tree and provide more protection from high winds. Trees planted together with the appropriate shrubs or groundcovers can create windbreaks and wildlife habitat.

Soil conditions

A discerning landscaper would have extensive knowledge on soil types. They would be able to conduct soil tests to determine the pH of your soil and recommend ways to improve or alter it to suit your plant choices.

Matchmaking complementary plants

Landscape plants and turfgrasses have different water, fertilizer and maintenance requirements. By grouping complementary plants according to their water needs, property owners can conserve water and have less maintenance tasks.

Choosing the right water- and drought-tolerant plants

Southwest Florida has a subtropical climate, marked with long, hot summers and wet, mild winters. A knowledgeable landscaper would know exactly what type of plants to place on your property. They would know that  drought-tolerant plants can thrive in dry areas or windy areas, but can easily succumb to root diseases or pest problems if they are planted in wet areas. 

Wind resilient plants

In Florida, winter winds tend to come from the north. An experienced landscaping service would know that a nice, sturdy, and solid fence or an evergreen row on the north side of the property would serve as an effective barrier against cold winter winds that can substantially damage plants. A reputable landscaper would also choose trees that can withstand high winds, as Florida is often in the path of hurricanes.

Strategically create shade with the right trees

A professional landscaper would know how to arrange trees and shrubs to provide shade in the summer and warmth in winter. Shade from trees can reduce the costs of air conditioning. 

Natives and non-native species

Depending on the location, a great landscaper would know the right mix of natives and non-natives to plant in an area – with soil, water, light, wind conditions in mind. They would also consider plants textures, colors, and blooming seasons; and would remove invasive species wherever possible.  

Why Hire JMC Landscaping

JMC Landscaping is a family-owned and operated nursery and landscaping company located in beautiful Pine Island, Florida. We serve all of Southwest Florida, including Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties. We will guide you through your landscaping questions and show you a wide variety of flowering plants, fruit-bearing trees, bushes, and palm trees. We are known for our attention to detail, dedication to customer service, and having the best landscaping team in the area.

What do we do?

  • We use sustainable techniques, such as not using chemical fertilizers and instead use a soil amendment. Our soil amendment is a green solution that is biodegradable. We use a natural fertilizer made from compost.
  • We use natural plants, such as evergreens, that are native to the area you live in, instead of synthetic, imported, non-native plants. We do not use artificial or imported plants because these can come into contact with your outdoor products. Also, importing plants brings plants from other countries, which bring their own soil amendments, fertilizers, pest management procedures, and other plants that are not native to your area. This means that your plants will not have evolved the natural resistance to their invasive species.
  • We use decorative elements, such as rocks and boulders, instead of functional ones, such as irrigation canals. The purpose of irrigation canals is to direct the water where it is needed, not to facilitate watering. These are not environmentally friendly, as they result in flooding, erosion, and water waste. The decorative elements, instead, consist of a natural stone and synthetic rock bed, so the purpose of these is to enhance your yard and enhance your outdoor tranquility. They are completely drain and erosion resistant, yet can withstand wind and other weather elements.
  • We use non-living elements, such as a wind chime, decorative boulders, and a water feature. These non-living elements serve to bring color and music to your landscape.

Hiring the right professional landscaping services can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been burned before by bad service providers. With over 15 years of experience, you can be sure at JMC Landscaping that you are working with real professionals who know their craft. We are here to assist you in designing, installing, providing great landscaping ideas, call us today, and get a free quote!