Description of Sabal Palm Tree

The Sabal Palmetto, Sabal Palm, or Cabbage Palm, is arguably the most recognizable palm tree in all of Florida. Why? It is our state tree! It’s even displayed on the “Great Seal of the State of Florida”. Chosen as our state tree in 1953, it was actually up against another iconic palm, the Royal Palm.

Popular among landscapers, the Sabal Palm can be found in almost every area of Southwest Florida, including Pine Island, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples. It is native to Florida and a large chunk of the Southeast. The Sabal is perhaps the hardest of palm trees and one of the slowest growers. This makes it immensely popular and widely used throughout the region. It can reach a height of 40 feet or so after many years of growth.

The Cabbage Palm Is Perfect For Coastal Areas

The Sabal has a high drought tolerance and can even tolerate salt spray from coastal areas. When being transplanted, however, the Sabal requires a heavy amount of water. Once established, it can actually absorb the water it needs through its trunk. So during our dry, winter months, you can spray down the trunk and it will absorb what it needs.

An incredibly hardy palm, the Sabal can withstand high winds, drought conditions, and temporary freezing conditions. Sometimes the Sabal gets a bad rep when it’s not properly taken care of but there is a reason why the Sabal was chosen as our state tree.

We recommend planting the Sabal in groups of three due to its thin trunk and extreme height. Sabals look great lining long driveways, used as accents in the corner of your yard, or as centerpieces of circular driveways.

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