Description of White Bird Of Paradise

The White Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia nicolai, is an exotic plant that has characteristics of a palm. Even more so than it does a flowering plant. This plant is easily confused with the Traveler’s Palm when young. The White Bird can reach a height of 25 feet and a width of at least 6 feet. The White Bird is a clumping plant, like the Areca Palm, but not as full and dense.

Its enormous leaves are the main attraction of the White Bird of Paradise because its flowers come and go. During warmer weather, however, the Strelitzia nicolai will bloom more often. The flowers resemblance of that of a bird’s head, which provide your landscape with some unique beauty that cannot be compared to most plants.

How To Care For Your Strelitzia nicolai

We recommend that you plant the White Bird at least 4 feet from the house or structures and leave 4 to 5 feet of space between the Bird and other plants in the area. The leaves are gorgeous and green but if it is exposed to too much wind, they can tear and begin to brown. Try to place your Strelitzia nicolai in an area that won’t be exposed to high winds.

To care for this beauty, keep it in full or partial sun and allow the soil to become relatively dry between waterings. We also recommend that you don’t place any mulch near the White Bird as this will allow moisture to stick around longer than desired. The White Bird doesn’t tolerate wet feet very well so be sure that it is placed in a well-drained part of your yard.

Since the Strelitzia nicolai can reach enormous heights and widths, it will be a great centerpiece for your next landscaping project. It can serve as a privacy screen, an accent to a large circular driveway, or along any tall, bare walls.

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