Description of Spindle Palm Tree

The Spindle Palm Tree, or the Hyophorbe verschaffeltii, is the perfect indoor and outdoor palm to add a bit of tropical flavor to your home. But don’t mistake it for a young Royal palm! Once it reaches maturity, sometimes it gets confused for the Royal. It does well in containers and as accents to your ornamental garden. Landscapers and homeowners alike love this palm because of its versatility and beauty. You can find them in yards and gardens across Southwest Florida, including Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples.

How to Take Care of the Spindle Palm Tree

The Spindle is one of the easiest palms to take care of. Once established, it doesn’t need a whole lot of water, about once a week should do. Make sure that when you plant in the ground, it’s a spot that does not collect standing water. They prefer moist to dry soil. Of course, like all palms, we recommend feeding it about three times a year, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Spindles are not naturally self-cleaning but they grow so slowly that pruning off old or dead fronds will only be needed on rare occasions.

A short, stalky trunk is topped by a gorgeous head of bright green fronds, 6 to 11 of them, that will eventually create an arching canopy that can measure anywhere from 5 to 10 feet wide. The shade that it creates will be great for the poolside or patio. Also, when planting it, make sure it is about 4 feet or more from the house or your pool cage. The Hyophorbe verschaffeltii looks great as a standalone, but we think it looks even better as a pair! Pairs of Spindles flanking a long driveway or along a walking path will create a majestic, tropical look. Although we do recommend spacing multiple Spindles about 5 to 6 feet apart.

We know you’ll love the Spindle Palm Tree for its easy-going attitude and beautiful canopy of fronds! If you love the look of this beautiful palm tree, check out the Bottle Palm Tree for similar applications.

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