Fishtail Palm Tree


Common Name: Fishtail Palm
Scientific Name: Caryota mitis
Zone: 10A-11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Low
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 18-25′ OA

Description of Fishtail Palm Tree

The Fishtail palm is another unique tree, perhaps more so than others, that we highly recommend for many of our customers. Reaching a potential height of 25 feet, the Fishtail, or Caryota mitis, has a clumping nature similar to that of bamboo but has a slower growth rate. This beautiful and tall Fishtail palm tree can be found in all Southwest Florida communities, such as Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples. Landscapers and homeowners love the Fishtail for its unique leaves, height, and privacy screen potential. A great companion, which also provides excellent privacy screen coverage, is the Areca palm, which looks shockingly like stalks of tight knit bamboo.

The Caryota palm has a moderate growth rate but will grow faster in full sun and slower in partial sun. They prefer growing in a well-drained area of soil so make sure to avoid planting the Fishtail in an area that pools water after it rains. Like most palms, we recommend the Fishtail be fertilized three times a year to ensure the most vibrant and durable leaves possible.

Everybody loves the Fishtail Palm Tree

The Fishtail gets its name from the rough-edged leaves on its swirling fronds. The leaves resemble that of, well, a fish’s tail! Some say it reminds them of the beta fish tail.

One of the benefits of being a proud owner of the Fishtail palm is the low maintenance it needs. It really does not need much, if any, pruning like many other palms do. If you want to limit its horizontal growth, you can cut down the stalks that begin to grow without harming the palm or inhibiting its vertical growth.

Additionally, the Fishtail palm is drought tolerant, which is good for our drier, Winter months here in Southwest Florida.

If you love the look of this beautiful palm tree, check out the Dwarf Sugar Palm Tree for similar applications.

Come See The Fishtail Palm Tree For Yourself

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