Projects filed under: Fruit trees

  • Orange Tree
About The Orange Plant Orange citrus is a commonly cultivated fruit for its juice and pulp. The orange is said to be originated from Southern China, Myanmar, and Northeast India. It is also known as sweet oranges or by the... Read More
  • Grapefruit Tree
About The Grapefruit Grapefruit is a citrus tree from the Rutaceae family. It tastes between sour to semi-sweet. This fruit is native to Barbados. It is an evergreen fruit plant. The fruit is better known for providing health benefits. It... Read More
  • Avocado Tree
About The Tree Avocado is native to Central America and Mexico. It is a medium-sized, evergreen, tree belonging to the laurel family. This is native to highland regions of south-central Mexico. These tropical fruit trees are partially self-pollinating and often... Read More
  • Mango Tree
About The Mango Tree Mango is a delicious stone fruit that originated from northwest Myanmar, Bangladesh, and northeastern India. It is a tropical fruit tree produced by Mangifera Indica. Popular Varieties Mangoes are available in many different varieties around the... Read More

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